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The best place to buy beautiful paintings - workshop of the author. Sometimes the artist himself sets the price for their work, and therefore it is always possible to bargain.

When you select a picture is to focus on your own taste. The picture should cause you only positive emotions. Another condition is the correct choice: the picture must integrate harmoniously with the interior of your apartment.

Before you buy a painting sure to check the oil quality and the soil. To do this, carefully inspect the surface of the web - it should not be present chipped paint. Be sure to turn the canvas and look at its reverse side. If it contains small pores, it is a sure sign that used poor-quality soil. If the canvas is primed with white glue, such a picture in a few months will be covered with a grid of small cracks.

In order to distinguish the present painting, written by hand, from the usual print on canvas, is to turn the picture and look at the bright light on its reverse side. The canvas, painted by the artist always has a non-uniform pattern, and if the picture is applied to the canvas with a color print, the image will be uniform.
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