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The unique composition

The secret use of yogurt is, primarily, in the technology of preparation. In normal milk is added starter culture on the basis of micro-organisms that cause sour milk and alcoholic fermentation. This process provides the sour taste of yogurt a little bluff and its thick consistency.

Have a drink in the lactobacilli and prebiotics making it the best friend of the gastrointestinal tract. Drinking one glass of the night (and this is the best time to digest yogurt), a person decides a whole bunch of problems. This prevention of diseases of the liver and pancreas, and lower blood pressure, and suppression of pathogens gastric and intestinal diseases. In addition, yogurt has a slight diuretic effect. This means that it can and should be used for people suffering from kidney disease and, consequently, edema.

Kefir - a fermented milk product, which means rich in protein and fat (of course, if the packaging is no inscription "fat - 1%"). This drink quickly saturate the body with essential micronutrients, including calcium and phosphorus needed for bone, teeth and nails, as well as potassium, responsible for the proper functioning of the heart and nervous system. Vitamin A, included in its composition, will support the vision and improve skin condition.

Age - this is important

There is such a thing as a "young yogurt." It is a product that was manufactured not later than three days prior to use. This yogurt has a mild laxative effect. "Old yogurt", on the contrary, to "consolidate" all that is needed - this is especially true in the case of diarrhea. The main thing - do not use yogurt after the expiration date. If you do not want to throw out expired products, used it in cosmetic purposes. And a few more tips. The maximum benefits of yogurt can be prepared, if you drink it on an empty stomach; kefir diet or fasting days kefir - a great way to lose weight. Kefir can not be used for children up to six years, as well as people suffering from lactose intolerance.

Beauty requires yogurt ...

Kefir - a cheap and effective means of cosmetology, bestowed by nature. Mix it with sea salt, you can get a great scrub for face and body. Kefir with raw egg perfectly moisturizes dry and cucumber - dries oily skin. In the fight with freckles and pigment spots can help mask of yogurt with chopped parsley. A mixture of fermented milk and gelatin is recommended for aging skin. And the hair, "saturated with" yogurt will be less than the fall, will acquire a distinctive shine and become silky to the touch.

Thus, the benefits of yogurt - a fact not to be questioned. It is inherent in the name of the product, because the root of the "kef" in Turkish language means "health."

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