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You will need
  • The base coat, two color lacquer for the base and for the application spots, needle or toothpick.
Run leopard manicure yourself is not difficult. The base coat can be any color, classical beige or bright, flashy colors. Cover nails selected first base layer of lacquer. If necessary, apply a second layer after drying of the first. Toothpick or a needle, apply small dots on the nail with the selected color. Spots can be drawn in a chaotic manner, observing small intervals.
Uneven spots are drawn, which adds to their realism. After drying, the drawing every speck encircle a dark outline. You can take a nail brown, black. Do not try to draw in filigree stroke, small holes will add originality pattern. To add a little more realism fine points over the entire surface of the nail plate.
Leopard manicure can be modified indefinitely, adding new exciting shades, outlining only the tip of the nail spots and paint spots of various sizes. In the fashion rainbow shades, this leopard manicure, designed in bright, sunny colors. Special chic among modern women of fashion is not only a leopard manicure and pedicure with its blend, made in the same technique.
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