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Classic kebab made from lamb meat. Take the loin, cut into middle-sized pieces, put on skewers and grilled over the coals, half Burned, flecked with ash. In the process of cooking the meat sauce poured over the richness of beef broth, which added garlic and onions, mashed with salt. Ready kebab served with vegetables and herbs.

Skewers of lamb in Armenian fried marinated meat. To marinate skewers tasty require 300 g tenderloin 20 g of sheep fat, 50 g onion, 50 grams of cognac or vodka, 2 ml of 3% vinegar, 1 g of red hot pepper, dried herbs - mint, cilantro, dill, salt. Mutton is cut into pieces, 4 cm thick, sprinkle with herbs. Onions cut into half rings, mauled his hands, that he singled out the juice, poured them meat, add the vinegar and brandy, dried herbs, mix well and leave in the cold for several hours. The meat is then mixed with the fat-tailed fat strung on skewers and roast on the grill. On a garnish to a shish kebab served vegetables, roasted on a spit.

In Russia, the premium pork, is juicy, quickly prepared, skewers of pork turns tender and tasty. At 500 grams of flesh take 3 onions 5 large tomatoes, 2 pods of pepper, 2 tbsp. tablespoons butter, butter or vegetable, hot sauce, salt, chili powder, pickled apples 5 (can substitute marinated).

The meat cut into cubes, sprinkle with herbs. Then cut the apples, onion cleaned, steamed a few minutes and cut into rings, cut the tomatoes in half, remove the peppers from seeds and divide it into 4 parts. Fillet strung mixed with apples and vegetables on skewers, brush with oil and roast on the grill, pouring hot sauce. By Pork served boiled rice or potatoes and a salad of tomato and cucumber.

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