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You will need
  • - Microsoft Windows XP
Click "Start" to display the main menu of the operating system Microsoft Windows XP and go to the point "Control Panel" to perform the operation settings of remote access to the Internet.
Expand the "Network Connections" by double-clicking the mouse and select the option "Create a new connection".
Confirm the command by pressing the "Next" and then click "Connect to the network at my workplace" in the window tool "New Connection Wizard".
Confirm your selection by clicking "Next" and select the option "Dial-up Connection" in the new dialog box.
Confirm the application of the changes by pressing the "Next" and enter the desired value name to create a connection in the "Connection name" in the next dialog box of the wizard.
Follow pressing "Next" to confirm your choice and enter the number of telephone calls the remote access server in the line "telephone number" of the next dialog box.
Set the value to "Do not dial the initial connection" for a constant connection to the Internet computer used to configure the client to access a virtual private network, or use the checkbox on the "Automatically dial this initial connection" when used to connect through an ISP.
Enter the connection name in the appropriate field and confirm your selection by clicking "Next".
Specify the value of the name of the VPN server or IP-addresses in the corresponding period of the dialog box and apply the box in the field "for all users" to allow public access or use the option "Just me" to limit access.
Confirm your selection by clicking "Next" and apply selected changes by clicking "Finish".
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