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For pregnant women, there are limitations in the choice of sleeping posture. Now you can not sleep on my stomach. This applies to women who bears a child for more than 12 weeks. After this period, the stomach starts to grow and sleep on it will be uncomfortable, and even worse, harmful to the child.
Sleeping on your back for the birth abortion is also banned. This is due to the fact that in this position already grown uterus will compress the blood vessels and bladder, resulting in blood circulation in the pelvis. In addition, in this position, you may experience a sense of lack of air.
The most appropriate position for the mother of sleep - sleep is on your side. For a more comfortable position, you can put a pillow between your legs. Especially for pregnant women have u-pillow, the upper part can put a pillow under his head, and the bottom between the legs. And after the birth of a child it can be used to create a comfortable position while feeding the baby.
If you are experiencing pain from cramps in my legs at night, you need to have a massage. Such pain can arise due to a lack of vitamins.
Another factor for sleep disorders expectant mother, but most enjoyable is the stirring of the baby during the night. In this case, we can only be glad of another opportunity to talk with the baby, because the regime of wakefulness and sleep is a child may be different from yours.
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