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Summit G8 - an annual conference of representatives of these countries, which are usually held in the summer. It usually gather leaders of the participating states to discuss the most important global issues relating to various spheres of society and to develop and agree on the best ways to solve them.
Officially, the "Big Eight" is not a subject of international law, as well as an international organization and it can not be considered. The reason is that the G8 does not have its own secretariat, formal charter, and its activities could not enshrined in law and not regulated by international treaties. In this regard, adopted by any of the G8 summits decision can not be considered binding on for any of the participating countries. They are only advisory in nature, the government must decide whether to be developed in the course of the meeting the proposals.
The work of the "Big Eight" regulates the so-called "ordinary" law (in other words, accepted business practices). For example, in an unspoken rule, countries are taking at the summit at a time, replacing each other every year. The last summit held in Russia was held in St. Petersburg, and it was held in 2006.
Summit Chairman is elected annually, and it is usually the leader of the host country of this year's forum. At each meeting must be attended by members of the European Union. G8 members should be familiar with the program in advance of the summit, the main provisions of the forthcoming wills, timing and location of the meeting. At the same meeting produced priority directions of development of the participating countries G8 (the fight against environmental pollution, development and commissioning of alternative energy sources, etc.).
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