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The course fish diet is 10 days.

When properly drafted diet weight loss is 5 kg. It seems that it is a bit, but the fish diet has other advantages:

- She will make you suffer from hunger;
- Help stabilize the nervous system;
- Improve vision;
- To prevent cancer;
- Improve the cardio - vascular system.

Sample menu diet of fish:

1. In the morning before breakfast (fasting), drink a glass of cool boiled water.
2. The first breakfast - boiled egg, cottage cheese - 200 gr., A cup of green tea without sugar.
3. Lunch - 200 grams. boiled fish (without salt!), 200 gr. boiled vegetables (your choice), a glass of boiled water, one apple.
4. At lunch - 250 grams. fish, steamed (or baked in the oven), 100 gr. yogurt, 2 cups of boiled water, vegetable salad with vegetable oil with lemon juice and herbs.
5. At lunch - drink a glass of boiled water.
6. Dinner - 250 grams of baked fish, 200 gr. buckwheat boiled without salt.

Before going to bed drink a glass of herbal decoction on the following recipe:

mix in equal proportions cornflower flowers, strawberry leaf, leaves cuff root elderberry, horsetail, birch leaf. One tablespoon this collection in a glass of boiling water. Insist 15 minutes, drain.

Herbs for this collection are sold in a pharmacy.

Selection of varieties of fish to the diet is limited only by the capacity of your wallet. Nobody bothers to diversify their menu preparation of various kinds of fish. Under these conditions, you will easily cope with this diet, dropping your weight and improve your health.
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