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Features of the Finnish sauna

The real Finnish sauna characterized by high temperature in the steam room (but no more than 100 ° C) and humidity - no more than 5-10%. The air must be dry, warmed by electrical heaters or heated stones in the oven. In some saunas installed a special ventilation system, whereby the air in the steam room is always fresh, but to maintain the high temperatures require more firewood.

It is recommended to go to the sauna about once a week. One session should last about 1.5 hours. After a visit to the steam room must be rinsed under a cold shower, or dive into the pool with cool water, then lie down. Such water treatments to help get rid of fatigue, the body will give cheerfulness. In general, a sauna is recommended for people exposed to physical and nervous overload, as well as suffering from atherosclerosis and diseases of the upper respiratory tract.

If, during a visit to the sauna air seems too dry you should pour water on the stones. And in any case, you can not use a broom. You can get burned. The sauna is only allowed to sit, lie down or stand.

Turkish hammam

Hammam is characterized by a low temperature in the steam room, compared with a sauna and a Russian bath, but humidity is high enough. This type of baths is recommended to attend to people with weak sweating. Also, hammam - a great way to relax the muscles and cleanse the skin. The hammam at high temperatures and extreme humidity of dead cells and sebum can be removed by light rubbing with a towel.

There is no limit to the hammam. You can go to him almost every day. Being in the hammam followed by several hours. You can make a face mask, manicure touch up, wash your hair, or just spend time with friends.

Russian sauna

Russian Bath has much in common with Finnish sauna, but the air is not so hot, but the main highlight is the use of a broom. The most commonly considered birch and oak twigs. Often used currant, lime, eucalyptus, fir, pine twigs. Often, brooms use a special "tea leaves" - before bath procedures broom soaked in water with a few drops of essential oil. This will fill a special aroma steam room.

Wash the bath should be in the last turn, when the air has cooled down slightly. And after the bath is recommended to soak for 20-30 minutes and relax.

The bath should be attending to people suffering from chronic bronchitis, tonsillitis, asthma, rhinitis, sciatica, neurasthenia, chronic kidney disease, hypotension and hypertension at an early stage.
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