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What it is important to know when choosing shoes

The most important thing in shoes - the location in the center of the heel is strictly heels and even distribution of weight in the foot. In addition, the heel should be properly secured. Standing on heels, you need to feel the stability of the situation without the slightest hint of unsteadiness.

Trying on shoes before you buy - a serious and an essential step. It should be remembered that a new pair can not wear on bare feet. But you can take advantage of all the rights of the buyer, not only to stand in the shoes you like, but go there for the territory of the store.

Going out shopping, you need to wear the most comfortable shoes and proven. If after fitting a new model, you do not feel worse, your choice is right.

Another important criterion for the selection of new shoes with heels must be comfortable shoes, giving the shoe shape. Also be sure to pay attention to the shape of the nose. The narrow and elongated toe right for you only if you can boast high growth.

Soled shoes carefully study the inside. Form follows anatomically should follow the shape of the foot under the heel should have a small cushion. Preference is better to give shoes made of natural materials. And that shoes will serve you faithfully for more than one season, you should choose a pair of high-quality European manufacturer.

Too frequent high heels can lead to diseases of the foot and nerve entrapment. Therefore, podiatrists urge all women not to abuse wearing shoes with heels higher than five centimeters.

Seven golden rules for buying ideal shoes

1) Remember that every two centimeters high heels increase the pressure on the toes by 25 percent.
2) In a sitting position the length of the foot is reduced by 0.5-1 cm., So the shoes definitely need to stand up and walk.
3) When choosing shoes without heels, pay attention only to the model with a strap and a tight-fitting head-to foot does not tuck.
4) If you put shoes on a flat surface (not wearing them), the toe should not bully up. Otherwise, the shoes will be uncomfortable to wear.
5) If the heel and moves easily shaken, while wearing this model, you can easily damage the instep or the heel itself.
6) A good heel nailed, not glued to the board. Insoles should be made of metal.
7) The difference between the height of the heel and the support part should be at least 0.5 cm.
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