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Chrysanthemum spherical prefers sunny areas with good fertile soil, which should be quite loose. This will contribute to the necessary flow of air and moisture to the roots of plants. At the same time it should be noted that the spherical Chrysanthemum not tolerate waterlogged land.

Seedlings are recommended to be planted in open ground in early May, when the soil is sufficiently warm. During the growth of the plants it is desirable to dressing fertilizer for flowering plants or roses. You can use the infusion of ash. Water the chrysanthemum as needed, avoiding waterlogged or, conversely, the drying of the soil. Watering at the roots produce a manner of sprinkling the flowers watered impossible. In addition to on the basis of a dry crust was not formed, it must be loosened. After this procedure recommended zamulchirovat soil.

In winter chrysanthemum spherical need to move to the basement. Before you dig up the plant, it is cut, leaving a small penechki. Keep chrysanthemum can be in boxes, ready made film. Plants pour the ground, the roots will not dry out. During the whole winter watering is carried out 2-3. In April, the plant carried out of the cellar and divided, thus preparing them for planting in the ground.

In the southern areas the plant may be left in the ground. His form this Chrysanthemum gets their own, without human intervention. However, it holds only one year, so after the winter chrysanthemum should be required to share a few plants and seedlings. This will help keep the plant spherical form.

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