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The cause of measles is a virus that is transmitted from an infected person by airborne droplets. After diseases the human body becomes resistant lifelong immunity. Moreover, if a woman is ill with measles before pregnancy, the unborn child becomes immune to the virus during the first three months of my life.
From measles infection before the onset of symptoms may take one to two weeks. The first thing the patient temperature rises, there is a weakness, poor appetite, coughing, runny nose. At this stage, measles can often be confused with the common cold. The body temperature can reach 38-40oS. A couple of days on the inside of the cheek teeth in the area of white spots appear. A characteristic feature of measles is an inflammation of the eye. Proteins redden, tears are constantly highlighted, and bright light is painful. After another day or two, the whole body is covered with bright pink rash. The spots are irregular in shape and can fuse to form large pockets. The peak of the disease accounts for 2-3 days of onset of the rash, the temperature rises to 40-41oS. Then the spots begin to fade gradually and completely go in about a week, leaving traces of the brownish skin. Finally, the skin will clear after a couple of weeks.
The most common complications of measles are pneumonia, laryngitis, otitis media, and even blindness. If a woman becomes ill with measles during pregnancy, it threatens complications for the baby. In the early stages of the fetus can develop defects in the development of the nervous system. And when infected in the third trimester of measles can be transmitted to the child, who is not always able to move it. However, all of these complications are much less common than for diseases such as rubella during pregnancy.
At the first sign of measles is an urgent need to see a doctor. The faster the patient to confirm the diagnosis, the sooner treatment begins. This means that complications can be avoided. Measles usually treated at home: provide patient bed rest, subdued light, drink plenty of liquids. To combat the body's intoxication prescribe antihistamines, mouth and eyes require special care. In severe cases, the patient is hospitalized. In order to prevent the children of preschool age vaccinate against measles. After vaccination immunity to disease is generated in 95% of children.
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