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Running Windows Setup

To add an email account, open Outlook 2007, using the "Start" menu. Wait for the download client and the appearance of the main application window. If you have not run Outlook, you get the account setup wizard, through which you can add the desired e-mail. If the menu does not appear, at the top of the window, select the tab "Tools", then click the item "Account Settings." Go to the tab "E-mail" and click "Create" to launch the setup wizard.

Click "Next" Check the box "Configure the server and additional server types manually." Again click "Next". Put a check mark next line "Internet e-mail" and re-use the button "Next".


In the next window, you will need to specify the configuration settings for the mailbox. In the "Name" field enter the name that will be displayed at the receiver sends you emails. In the line "E-mail" select all your e-mail address with the @ symbol (for example,

For the line "Account Type" select option POP3 or IMAP, in accordance with preferred settings, which uses your e-mail server. Each of the resource that provides users with e-mail account can use their own servers for incoming messages. Typically, this setting can be specified in the "Help" - "Setting mail clients" of your e-mail server. In the "Outgoing mail server" and enter the address of the SMTP-server of your email provider.

For the string "User" type the full name of your e-mail box. You can also enter the password that you used when registering a mailbox. Click on the "Advanced Settings", then go to the tab "Outgoing Server". Put a check in «SMTP-server requires checking" and check the box next to the parameter "Similarly, incoming mail server." Click "Next" and then click the button "Finish".

Wait 1-2 minutes to start downloading messages from your e-mail server. All unread and read messages will be displayed in the main window and you can study them. Setting up to use e-mail box is completed. Additional options behavior of the program when sending and receiving messages (eg, the sound alerts for incoming), you can configure using the appropriate menu item "Tools" - "Settings" and "Service" - "Options".
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