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Disobedience and stubbornness of the child - not always whims. Try to look for other causes of such behavior of the baby. The most common are lack of parental attention, loneliness, boredom. In such a situation whims - a way to attract the attention of moms and dads, communication with whom the child is necessary as air. Remember that parents focused all the little world of the child, and they - his main people. Do not dismiss a child, even if you are tired, not in the mood, busy. Do everything together, together, because you can find a home occupation, which may be on forces and crumbs. Do not leave your baby alone with his problems when he has something does not work, it is sad. Be ready to help, to encourage him, to praise.
A common cause of the vagaries of the children is the set of prohibitions and restrictions. Train yourself to use the word "no" as little as possible in dealing with the child. Let it concerns only the really dangerous things that threaten the lives and health of other people or crumbs. In other cases, say "do not", "we will not do that", etc. Before categorically deny anything, try other ways: to explain, to shift attention, hug, interested in something else. The main thing - be consistent in the rules established for the child. Then he lost the desire to experience your whims. Implement unspent energy and quickly restore the mood to help the kid outdoor games and active outdoor exercise.
Finally, do not forget that the kid has the right to sometimes capricious. For example, if it has something hurts, he is tired, it prevents clothes or new shoes uncomfortable, and perhaps someone offended him. Stay calm and attentive to their crumbs, and you will be able to survive the difficult period whims and avoid fatal mistakes in the upbringing of the child.
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