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Sometimes the desire to surprise loved ones gorgeous wedding pushes future spouses on credit obligations and a huge waste. The need to spend astronomical amounts of money on a one-day celebration will disappear if you save money on the wedding, having listened to the following tips:

1. Replace expensive jewelry for the bride-quality jewelry. What sense to buy expensive earrings and necklaces for one evening? Visit the shop jewelery jewelery - there you will find a suitable set at a very affordable price. The same recommendation is valuable when buying a tiara, a pair of gloves and bags for special occasions.

2. Find the self-taught photographer and a talented newcomer. Professionals working in large studios and have a portfolio volume, a request for their services a considerable sum. Ask friends and search the internet forums of photographers in your area novice specialist wedding photography - save 50-60% of the cost of services photo guru.

3. Why spend money on a wedding limousine rental? Do you or your groom is required to find a friend or acquaintance who has owned a good business class cars. Decorated with balloons, ribbons and dolls "Mercedes" looks better than white limousine.

4. The bride and groom's suit can be bought on sale or on site with free classified ads. After the wedding otgremevshego many girls who have bought a wedding dress dorogushchee give ads attire. The cost of even the most expensive of them falls to 50-60% as a minimum.

5. For the wedding party not choose prestigious institution, and the newly opened restaurant - they are usually much more affordable prices. Either rent a banquet hall away from the city center.

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