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Women with oily skin need to have in your arsenal antibacterial gel and tonic. They contain zinc or salicylic acid. The cosmetic stores you can find many resources with matte effect, but most of them clog pores. Wash your face morning and evening with a soft sponge or brush. This simple procedure can help clean the pores of dirt and grease. Is then applied to the skin the gel or cream with a light texture.

Regularly use a scrub with fruit acids or small abrasive particles. Cleanser can be done independently. To do this you need to take apricot, dry them and grind in a coffee grinder. The resulting powder is mixed with a gel or foam for washing and a few drops of lemon essential oil.

Once a week, make a homemade mask on the basis of cosmetic clay. Dilute it with boiled water until creamy, add 1 tsp tea tree oil or lemon juice. Keep the mask on the face should be about 20 minutes.

Because of the daily diet is desirable to eliminate fatty foods, as it can provoke the production of sebum. Talk to your doctor, who will advise you a vitamin complex rich in zinc.

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