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Banana mask. This exotic fruit is a great natural moisturizer, therefore the maximum hydration of the skin will be provided. Part of the banana vitamin A, actively nourishes dry skin that is irritated by the wind and cold.
Gelatine mask. Gelatin has a wonderful rejuvenating effect. If you add this component to mask the winter, it will tighten loose skin, improve blood circulation and add shine tired skin, brighten dark spots, wrinkles and give elasticity.
Lemon mask. Lemon - a pantry of vitamin C is a natural natural antioxidant, which in turn cleans and strengthens the skin, tightens pores and nourishes the skin. And just as food is necessary in winter, as well as moisture.
Carrot mask. Carrots are able to tone the skin and improve its color.
Camomile mask. Chamomile has always been an excellent means to calm not only the body but also the skin. In winter, the skin especially irritated and inflamed, and a decoction of chamomile is able to eliminate all these negative effects of winter.
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