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The first step is to give a smooth and light skin tone. To achieve a similar effect is possible by means of leveling base for make-up and high-quality foundation. Besides, now it appeared on the market a completely weightless makeup base, and BB cream, so some of the fair sex prefer to use only them, or cause the top layer of powder. To powder fell imperceptibly, it is recommended to apply a special brush, not a sponge. The most appropriate in this case is a loose powder, but not compact.
If you have oily skin, it is best to use matting agents, owners of combination skin should pay special attention to the T-zone. A girl with dry skin need to resort to using moisturizer and basics with prefixes «satin» or «silk».
To tone cream lay a thin layer, you can apply it on the face of a wet sponge. Camouflage redness and pimples should be fine using a masking pencil and circles under the eyes - by konsillera.
To make the face sculptural recommended to apply a small amount on the cheeks blush. In the summer it is better to replace them with a bronzer or powder a few shades darker. So be able to create a light tan. If you want to make your skin glow, you can use a shimmering powder. However, owners of oily skin is not recommended to use it, otherwise they will see all the imperfections.
Next you need to paint the eyebrows. To make up looked more natural eyebrow color should be in harmony with the shade of hair. You can do makeup eyebrows with a special pencil or a dark brown or black shades.
To view was more expressive, there should be a thin arrow dark brown, gray, smoky or black pencil along the lash line. To create the effect of "open eyes" line should be applied only to the upper or lower eyelid. It all depends on the particular structure of your eye. We should abandon the saturated liners or liquid eyeliner pencil looks more natural.
Next should be applied on the eyelids or matte sand beige shade, although you can do without them. At the end you need to make up eyelashes brown or black ink (one or two layers will be enough), and his lips - transparent gloss or lipstick barely noticeable.
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