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Regardless of what material built structure, it requires additional protection. A good remedy for the destruction of concrete and the effects of precipitation is penetrating waterproofing that prevents the penetration of water into the interior of the material and its freezing there.

How does the penetrating waterproofing

Waterproofing mixture includes portland cement, silica sand and modifying reactive additives. Recently, extending in the pores of the concrete to form crystals which completely fill all the pores and voids.
Creating protection from water, the air permeability is maintained, this means that the concrete continues to breathe.

Penetron and Ksaypeks - the first brand of penetrating waterproofing appeared in Russia.

For the sealing of joints, cracks, it is necessary to break indent of 30 to 60 mm, flush them with water, and then walk penetrating solution. After a couple of hours, apply another coat. Coverage will be finally ready in 3 days.

In addition to penetration, there are also Obmazochnaya, Okleechnaya, injection gidroiizolyatsii. Each of them has its advantages and disadvantages.

Penetrating waterproofing is more suitable for concrete structures, which are not possible to apply surface waterproofing. She slowly moves into the pores of the concrete, which after a short time is grasped and transformed into crystals, which are not afraid of moisture. The structure is more durable, breathable and cold-resistant, prevents cracking that can occur in the operation of facilities.
Penetrating waterproofing protects the concrete from water, corrosive environment, it excellent vapor barrier properties.

Material selection

Choosing the material for penetrating waterproofing, you should always pay attention to the purposes for which the manufacturer recommends to use them. The materials are available in different versions. For example, the suture material is used for insulation of places where the adjacent joints, it consists of components that do not allow the draft.

For stability and to restore concrete surfaces, repair mortar is applied. Brickwork can also be protected with this waterproof material.

On new concrete surfaces better to use part of the carpal W 12, it is applied stiff brush, 1 mm thick.

For old surfaces which require hardening composition employed W 12, a layer 2 mm. It is also used for waterproofing basements.
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