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Wash hands to infection with them from getting into the wound.
Prepare disinfectant material. It takes wool (cotton pads or cotton swabs) and a disinfectant solution (alcohol, hydrogen peroxide, chlorhexidine, alcohol tincture of herbs or cologne).
Clean the skin around the pimple itself pimple with a cotton pad soaked in alcohol.
Push down on the skin around the pimple on both sides of the fingers toward the pimple. Pressure until until no exit wound contents: pus, blood, or ichor.
Clean the wound with a new cotton pad soaked in alcohol. You can even leave the alcohol at the time of the little lotion on the wound.
Wash the hands.
In no case does not remove from the face formed on the site of the wound crust before its self otsypaniya. This helps the crust to form connective tissue did not appear to scar.
Remember that the main problem of acne is not external, but internal. If they have to bother you, try to contact the experts - cosmetologists or dermatologists.
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