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In the opening part of the Russian team was not anything unusual, except for the appearance after a very long break right midfielder Marat Izmailov, played for the Portuguese "Sporting". Of the two equal-hitter for the first half Advocaat chose Pavel Pogrebnyak from the English "Fulham". At the gate was replaced by Vyacheslav Malafeev zenitovets - It seems that it, not CSKA goalkeeper Igor Akinfeev our Dutch coach believes the number one team.

Twenty minutes of the first half neither team could not get the game under control and create at least one real moment to score the opponent. But after a quarter of the time allotted for the meeting it became clear why the Latin American team is in third place in the FIFA rankings, and our team - ten. Footballers 'Celeste' very effectively used the pressure in the middle of the field, so long began to control the ball. With 21 minutes played, the visitors could open the score, but Luis Suarez missed the far corner of the goal. On 26th Edinson Cavani could not finish very dangerous passage to our goal of 31 minutes a foot from the corner of the net after hitting the ball passed Alvaro Pereira from the middle distance, and 42 minutes is not enough just hit his head Martin Caceres.

The second half started with the Russian team with two changes in the composition - striker Pogrebnyak replaced zenitovets Alexander Kerzhakov and central defender Alexei Berezutski from CSKA Moscow - Roman Sharonov from "Rubin". Getting published is quite sad for the crowd at the stadium "Locomotive" and the TV screens the fans of our team. After 48 minutes, Luis Suarez two false moves consistently beat two defenders and our left foot sent the ball accurately into the near corner of the goal. But it had to grieve for long - the Russian team immediately went to take revenge on the offender as a result of the rebound of the Uruguayan football player and a good pass Roman Shirokov Kerzhakov could not beat the goalkeeper overseas. This goal was scored in the 49th minute, although telerepetitions be seen to "offside" our attacker. Martin Caceres is very emotionally trying to prove that the Dutch referees, for which he received only in the game for a yellow card.

By the end of the game the score did not change, although the Russians have twice sent the ball into the goal - scored in the 65th and 72th minute goals were not counted. Uruguayan footballers have created three very dangerous moments, but Akinfeev rose to the occasion, the output beating Suarez on 69 minutes, and firmly taking the ball after hitting Forlan in the 86th and Lugano on the 76th broke a little higher than it should. The Russians had two excellent chances to Kerzhakov, but in the 71st and 74th minute strike could not finish. In the second half of the game our team looked better opponent, perhaps due to the replacement - in the course of the inning on the field appeared Dmitry Kombarov, Alexander Kokorin and Denis Glushakov.

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