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You will need
  • - mobile phone;
  • - PC with Internet access;
  • - USB cable.
Adding new themes design library of your mobile phone, siphon them from their friends or pick up suitable option for you on the Internet. Take advantage of multiple network resources, offering its users a software for mobile phones. Usually, the themes presented on the web sites into categories and genres, which is very convenient for visitors.
The search engine of your web browser properly set parameters and clearly specify the key phrase search. Type the word "download", "theme for mobile" or "theme for the phone." By optimizing the process of finding, select the name of your mobile phone and press "Start".
Use the search results and visit the most interesting in your view the Web resource. In the window, specify the manufacturer and model of your mobile device. From the list available for your phone themes, choose your favorite items.
Determine the method of loading: a computer or directly to your phone. Setting the theme on your mobile, type the wap-code for the selected file and click "Upload." Using the file manager of the mobile device, locate and install the downloaded theme.
Keeping the theme to your computer, activate the option "Download to computer". Confirm your selection by pressing the appropriate button.
Note that the automatic download to your computer hard drive will begin in the directory that contains the default to save files from the Internet. Typically, this folder is located at C: \ Documents and Settings \ username \ My Documents \ Downloads. After downloading the file, perekin'te it to your phone via USB-cable or wireless link Bluetooth, if your computer and mobile device support this technology.
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