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Parents are often faced with a situation where there are children's conflicts, whether the problems between children of the same family or friends. In any case we have to look for options for a quick settlement of the quarrel.

Rules of Conduct adult

Sometimes it is better to refrain from interfering in the quarrel between the children, because they need to learn on their own to deal with such situations. But if the development of the conflict threatens the emergence of mental or physical injury to a child, an adult can not stand aside.

Typically, this happens when the forces are not equal to the disputants. Parents need to reassure children and advice to solve the problem peacefully. Never stand directly on the side of one of the quarreling, even if you are sure of its correctness. First, we should hear both sides, because you can miss something, otherwise one will be sure to permissiveness, the second - the injustice of adults.

We must try not to imitate the investigation and trial, blaming and punishing. Suppose both children are liable, just try to tell them the right way out. If all wrapped in a fun, conflict can be settled.

Asking children about the causes of the conflict, to focus on the fact that they described the words and deeds of each other without insults. If there was a quarrel between the brothers and sisters, it is necessary to resolve the situation so that no one was hurt and you did not think you do not like him. Emphasize that you are expensive, and their conflicts have very upset. Even with the inevitability of punishment tell your child that you do not bring pleasure, but he must understand that it is impossible to do so.

The game tasks to settle conflicts

Often, the conflict resolution is best made into a game. For example, can cause children to "Carpet World" and allow them to throw out their negativity toward each other. You can also invite children to express their emotions through gestures or "obzyvalok" of the plant world, and can even be asked to talk about a quarrel with the point of view of the opponent, driving the narrative from his face.

Another option - to give opportunity to describe their anger on the paper as possible emotionally and anger, using all imagination. When you try to complain about children, interrupting each other, they put a condition that will listen to them if they will put on this subject show, ballet or a concert.
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