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You will need
  • - Stainless steel knife;
  • - Double boiler;
  • - Plastic containers;
  • - Plastic bags;
  • - Fridge;
  • - Freezer.
For products, the most rich in vitamin complexes include fruits and vegetables. To preserve the vitamins in the food, use a gentle way of cooking. For example, by boiling of vegetables or fruits, immerse them in boiling water. Thus, the heat treatment is reduced, and the loss of valuable qualities of the products will not be as great. During the cooking time required to cover the pan with a lid and make sure that the ingredients do not seethe.
Cook for a couple of vegetable dishes. In this case, you will be able to save up to 70% of the vitamins contained in the ingredients. Serve the dish to the table immediately after cooking. The longer a dish, the less it is vitamins. If possible, do not clean the vegetables before heat treatment. If you cook the potatoes, not peeled, it will continue until 75% of the vitamins. The tubers boiled peeled, sliced, they retained only 35-40%.
Vitamins are destroyed much more quickly if the products pass through a meat grinder or rub through a sieve of iron or copper. Use a grater made of plastic or aluminum. Another way to preserve vitamins in processing - heated, if necessary, only a portion of food, and not all the cooking.
Often, people who follow a healthy lifestyle, prefer not to use heat treatment, eating only fruits and vegetables raw. However, in this case it is necessary to pay attention to storing vegetables. Keep them in tightly closed containers, in dark and cool place.
Dairy store in a dark opaque container. Prolonged heating of the milk in the container with the lid open leads to rapid destruction of vitamins. Meat products recommended to lay into the boiling salted water. At the same time on the surface of meat crust is formed, which prevents the loss of vitamins.
If the products are purchased with a view to long-term storage, place them in the freezer, pre-packed in plastic bags or plastic containers. Frozen food is not thawed, not to lose valuable nutrients.
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