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Restrictions for the purchase of apartments, houses, apartments for Russians Italian law is not established. Automatically after registration of the contract of sale is issued Schengen visa is valid for 1 year.

Select property. You can do it yourself at the time such tours. Or learn about the appropriate version on the Internet, from newspapers. Read reviews about the location of the apartment or house that is this area, what infrastructure there, how easy to live with their children, for example. It is important to study the information with regard to your requirements. Well, if you have no problems with the language, then you will be able to communicate directly with local people and understand whether you need to buy property in a particular area or not.

Or you can contact the real estate agency. For some time you will pick up, after analyzing requests category of real estate, and you can make a choice. Such organizations must pay a deposit.

Next, open a bank account in Italy. At the same time get a tax code (codice fiscale). Negotiations with the seller, determine the time and make a preliminary contract of sale. Carefully review all the items, it is better if you do not speak the language, an interpreter. Italian law is different from the civil law of Russia. If you violate the terms of the contract you will have to defend their rights in the territory of a finding of household or apartment.

Go to the notary. He will check legal purity of the object of sale. Now you can make partial payments, for example, to give 20-30% of the transaction amount. The rest of the money coming to the seller within the stipulated in the contract. This is possible only after the notary will give you to sign a contract of purchase-sale and put his stamp.

Registration of the contract also makes the notary. Him you pay duties and taxes. So, if you buy a summer residence - to contribute 10% of the cadastral value; if you get a secondary property or flats - make as much. Harder if you liked a house for permanent residence (for the Italian legal residence for more than 6 months and one day in a year). That will charge 3% of the cadastral value. If you like a brand new house or villa, the notary asked to pay 4% of the property value. During the 1.5 years, you must submit an official certificate of residence permit, which is issued by the municipality.

Registered contracts handed out for 2 months. The notary will cost 2-4,5 thousand. Euro. The price range depends on the language. Document Italian cheaper.

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