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Many people today are thinking about how to take the most advantageous loan, without unnecessary overpayments. Many financial institutions offer a huge amount of credit products, but they do not get confused and choose the most appropriate? To do this you need to know the basic principles of lending and the pitfalls that lie in wait for borrowers everywhere.

Cabal or gain?

If you urgently need money, decide to extend credit is easy. But do not trust Pestryaev advertising on the minimum percentage. As a rule, most banks are trying to balance their credit risk, adding to annual interest exorbitant commissions and premiums. If you decide on a major long-term loan, whether it's a mortgage or a car loan, you should pay attention to the reliability of the bank. And from the premiums in this case can not escape. Personal loans are usually issued for a shorter period, but it is not a guarantee of unnecessary overpayments. Carefully examine the total cost of credit, which includes not only the annual interest, and other payments.

Do not forget that financial institutions carefully analyze information about potential borrowers, so banks should not be neglected, in which you ask too many questions. Basically, exactly where it clarifies a lot of information to offer the most favorable conditions.

It is necessary to realistically assess their capabilities, and if loan payment is more than half of the monthly income of the family - not worth it to go into bondage.

What is the timetable to choose?

The proposed schedule of repayment of the loan can be of two types. The first - the payment of a fixed payment each month. The second - a classic scheme by which the amount of debt divided by the number of months of lending and interest is charged each time the remainder of the debt. Each schedule has its advantages and disadvantages. An annuity is suitable for anyone who does not expect to repay the loan ahead of schedule and who is convenient to pay the same amount each month. In this case, the total overpayment will be more, but the loan burden is comparable with the income. The second option is more satisfied with the borrowers, who is scheduled to run the early repayment and the monthly income is suitable classical chart. Of course, when the interest accrued on the balance of credit obligations, much less the overpayment. The more the borrower repays the "body" of the loan, the less interest bearing.
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