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Adult parasites reach up to 40 mm in length and 1.3 mm in thickness. Larvae can circulate in the blood for years. The disease is very dangerous and sometimes fatal to the animal. Dirofilariasis is cardiopulmonary form or subcutaneous. Less parasites appear in the cloud eye or brain.

Diagnosis and symptoms of heartworm

The disease is determined by a blood test. For proper diagnosis and determine the severity of the disease need to do chest X-ray and echocardiography (ECHO).

Symptoms depend on how long the dog caught. In hot weather you may notice itching, redness of the skin. In winter, these symptoms are smoothed. At the heart dirofilariasis animal loses weight rapidly, quickly tired, sleeps a lot. Shortness of breath, dry cough, wheezing in the lungs. When coughing may release blood.

There may be swelling the size of a hen's egg in the breast, the skull or limb. When the incision pus or fluid. You can also find a few parasites.

If the dog subcutaneous dirofilariasis, the disease can occur almost asymptomatic. Sometimes you may notice damage to the skin of the head or around the eyes.


Treatment is to expel the adults, getting rid of the larvae in the blood, prevent new infections and support the weakened body. The expulsion of adult worms occur surgically and chemically. The most commonly used drugs such as ditiazanin, mebendazole, levamisole. However, none of them gives a guarantee of origin of remission.

When surgically dog requires general anesthesia and penetration into the cavity of the heart.
It is very difficult for a sick dog. Operation expensive.

The chemical method of dead parasites can clog blood vessels, which is very dangerous. And the drug itself is very toxic. When this rare and expensive.

The expulsion of larvae from the blood can only chemotherapy.

To risk as small as possible, it is necessary prophylaxis. In cities where mosquitoes live in the cellars all year round, prevention should be done every month. It is necessary to strictly observe the dosage. During the summer, mosquitoes and monthly thereafter, except drugs definitely need a dog to wear a special collar.

Treatment of dogs can only appoint a doctor, who diagnosed. Self-medication is very dangerous to deal with!
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