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The first thing to do - to make a list, given their relevance. At the top of the list to determine the best immediate case when both the lower - case, the implementation of which may be postponed.
Do not number the similar lists, as the vast number of future cases could easily plunge you into depression. Instead of numbering you can draw stars or set point.
Try to start with the most simple. Select a couple of simple cases and begin to implement them. Successful completion pustyachkovyh trouble will help you experience the rush of endorphins, and you'll be ready to move mountains.
Alternate complex and simple cases. Do not leave all the difficulties in the end. Firstly, you can get tired, and secondly, prolonged labor can be reduced to zero all appeared enthusiastic.
Be sure to cross out made. This will give you confidence that the number of cases coming to an end, and a welcome rest is not far off.
Delegate some of their affairs differently. Performing a complex but interesting case two or three, not only speed up the process, but will also lead to the emergence of new positive relationships.
Persistently bring the work to the end. Do not leave the cases on its list of outstanding items. You can be loyal to him when compiling the list, but should be demanding in the performance.
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