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The era of instant communications has created new entertainment. One of the most popular - games online. On the one hand, a great relaxation, movement of consciousness into a virtual reality, the ability to disconnect from the annoying problems. Most of the games - paid, but do mind paying for the pleasure and easy adrenaline that brings to life a favorite toy? Some games are so included in human life that are played over the years. Gradually, however, the game draws deeper, money and time demands more, and one day the reality is shifted to the periphery of consciousness, while as a virtual "second life" is becoming of paramount importance. A man like losing a sense of reality, constantly solving game problems, the degradation of the individual, lost complete communication with society. How to recognize a threat?

  • A new day begins with a question: what's new in the game happened in your absence while you were offline?
  • You feel a sense of discomfort and anxiety if you can not for some reason get into the network or get into the game?
  • You are constantly at the first opportunity to check and control the gameplay, even if you are at a party?
  • Are you ready aside the necessary household duties - breakfast, bathing, washing of dirty dishes, cleaning the house, walking the beloved dog?
  • Are you ready to postpone, postpone an important meeting, if the game there are any important from the point of view of your events?
  • You stay up playing until the morning, at the risk of oversleeping and being late for work or school?
  • Reduces the time to communicate with loved ones, to finally enter the network and enter the desired link into your browser?
  • Are you ready to run in the rain and slush to the terminal to "inject" a certain amount of money?
  • We are ready to pay for play value, sacrificing the necessary cost of those who are close?
  • Game relationships are important to you, you have attached great importance to the game of conflicts arising iezhdu players?
  • You feel aggressive, ready to "chat wars"?
  • You do not seem to hate people that are not familiar, it is at least strange, but by and large - a mental disorder?
  • Mentally you keep thinking about game strategy or argue with their game opponents from outside the Internet network?
  • You became romantically involved and "virtual love" with one of the game characters, and you feel how nesovrshenen your real partner?
  • You do not like the fact that you too are spending time and money on the game, problems at home, at work, trouble and decided to limit yourself, you feel the desire to go to the game has become even stronger?
  • Are you ready for days to stay in the game world at the weekend, on holidays or during the holidays?
  • You're more likely to identify with the game character and your nickname gradually becomes your middle name?

If at least some of the items meet your behavior, it says that your mind is in danger and you are immersed in gambling. Gamer, gamers - not so harmless psychological diagnosis. Of course, gambling - not a drug and alcohol that destroy the human at a chemical level. Here, the impact on your psyche more subtle and insidious. Compulsive gambling distorts the real connections and relationships. You experience a strong positive or negative emotions towards people who do not even know. This is similar to schizophrenia. Your time belongs to virtuality, consisting of pixels, and in fact you could devote his reading books, traveling, fishing, walks with your loved ones, watching interesting movies, partying with real friends, sex, hobbies, improvement of the apartment, making money in the end!

How to get rid of the game zavimosti?

It is not as easy as it seems at first glance. You can try to show willpower and to give up your favorite game - for a while or forever. But, most likely, the game will take its toll and after a short break, you will return to it with renewed vigor. Perhaps the best way to change the situation, to go on vacation or to the country where the Internet is not. Make yourself a walk. To fall in love, in the end, reversing a relationship - other, more real and reasonable. And if the game is firmly established in your life, and you devote to it more than 2-3 hours a day, it is best to consult a professional psychologist.

After all, if you look at the truth, it's silly to deny the fact that a strong dependence on online games like the most this voluntary on-line slavery, whereby gaming business company cynically and shamelessly sell you an e-pixelated existence, virtual illusion in exchange for time your life, and you earn money.


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