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How to become workaholics

Even with the general terms of equality, there are men for whom a career - a kind of sport. They begin to play and no longer able to stop, and any victory and achievement at work brings them a lot of positive emotions, that no fishing or going to the gym and can not be compared. Sometimes it happens that the man wanted to spend more time at home, but the work does not let him. Things like a snowball, accumulate and accumulate and throw them there is no way - he feeds the family.

In both cases, workaholism can be compared to mental illness and denying its existence, people only exacerbate the problem. Remember that in addition to the work of any person, and there is always a personal life, and the time it is necessary to pay the same. There are, of course, running instances when a man literally lives at work for weeks, but he rarely has a family or relationship. If your a workaholic has managed to have a girl, and even more so to get married, then all is not lost, and the situation can be corrected.

The man runs away from problems

There is another kind of workaholism, which recognizes not so easy. It happens that a man uses a contrary operation to escape from the house. Unfortunately, such cases are also frequent. If you have problems in a relationship, frequent scandals or sex life went wrong, the man may be trying to protect itself from it all at work. You should not blame him for it, because, in fact, he chooses the path of least resistance - trying to save your relationship.

I must say that if your man is hiding at work for this reason, oddly enough, to correct the situation, you will be easier. Try to create a comfortable home environment and make sure that it was nice to come back, and the man wanted to spend more time with you. In no case did not cut straight through it and do not blame the insensitivity and the continued absence. Give him what he needs - your love and support.

Think about yourself

The man is very important that a woman could provide family comfort and take care of the house while it is running. Therefore it is important to do your best, that he was not disappointed in you. At the same time, if you see that a man comes home only to sleep and eat dinner, do not notice you and not trying to fix something, think, and whether you need such a relationship?
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