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But as adults we are absolutely miserable, tired, sad, suffering people. So what happened to our dream? Where are the ideals of a happy life? Why is it so hard to find peace and quiet in the heart? Filled with the joy of life? Why did we come out of childhood so happy and gained defeated by life?

And there is a reason! The fact that each of us goes through life as the one Enchanted Wanderer. The man bewitched life, its magic. And every day he is forced to drink this witch's brew of life. He was drunk, drunk with this poison, and of course he can not see the road ahead. He stumbles, falls, gets up and goes again. And so millions of people roam the world, faced their foreheads together.

The problem of man is that he is not seeking a way out of this situation. And it's not his fault. Because he does not know anyone who has found a way out of this series of losses and the consequent suffering. He only loses - health, freedom, time, love, friendship, trust. Around him, people live the same way. Therefore, pain, boredom, despair has become the norm.

And if you come to the realization that to live like you no longer want. If you are able to see all the bitterness of the situation. And you have enough courage and patience to change and change the way of life that brought you to this life deadlock. You should immediately collect all his despair and pain, her grief and fear and loud loudly say to himself, "Stop!"

You have to stop and look at your life upside down. Calmly, without prejudice, from the current situation to assess. And see by example and the example of other expensive things that no, no respect, no wealth, work, pride, duty, travel abroad, fame, power, nobody never made happy.

You have to drop all this tinsel, all the pursuit of illusions and struggling start to strive to be happy. To create conditions for what would life evolved in small steps, and was fortunately. And then you will see that many false ideals for which you were chasing all life, will disappear by themselves. And stay in your life only what is truly important.

Remember, the journey begins with a first step and let you are now broken, defeated, tired, in the circuits of their intolerable living conditions and obligations. But never forget that you are great people! And each and every tear your your breath is worth more than all the treasures of the world!

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