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Nitrogen fertilizers

Produce three species. Ammonium sulphate fertilizer containing ammonia, ammonium nitrate - nitrate, urea fertilizers containing amide. Ammonia is made in the spring or autumn, because they are fixed in the soil and can be absorbed by plant roots some time later. Nitrate in the soil are not delayed - the so-called "fast" fertilizers, which contribute as fertilizing in the summer, during the growing season. Amide act more quickly and at an elevated temperature of the transition to the form of ammonia fertilizer.

Phosphate fertilizers

There may be soluble and insoluble (polurastvorimymi). Soluble - simple and double superphosphate - easy to dissolve in water. Polurastvorimye dissolved in weak acids (e.g., precipitate). Insoluble soluble only in acid (phosphate rock). Soluble make any ground, mixed with water. Insoluble and polurastvorimye contribute to dry acidic soil, mix with them.

Potash fertilizers

Use potassium chloride and potassium salt. They are soluble in water and do not penetrate rapidly into the soil. Bring them to the level of the soil, which develop shallow roots. On sandy soils, the need for potash fertilizers is higher than on clay.

Chlorinated fertilizer

They include a necessary element of the plants as sulfur. Chlorine, which is there mixed with the sulfur to plants is not necessary. It is a catalyst for the action of sulfur. Therefore, you must make chloride fertilizer in advance, in the fall. Sulfur is in the root layer of soil, and the chlorine is washed away in the spring and does not harm the plants.


They contain less material required plants. Still, the lack of these substances can lead to yellowing or leaf fall, shock disease, pests and other problems. This boron, copper, manganese, molybdenum and zinc. As micronutrients using a chemical salt or complex compound fertilizers, such as ammonium phosphate and nitrophosphate.

When using micronutrients important to avoid overdosing, as an excess of a substance is not harmful to plants less than the lack of it.

For vegetable crops fertilizers often are made by digging. As for the garden, fruit tree root system covers an area equal to the crown, and goes beyond it by another half a meter. In all this area is necessary to make fertilizer. If the soil is dry and hot periods you often watering the garden and vegetable garden fertilizer into the soil need to make more, as the water washes away the salt.
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