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Forget about diets and fasting. Such methods to control weight is very difficult, because the return to the usual diet lost weight very quickly re-deposited on the hips and abdomen. Often double. A return to a normal diet will still have as constant diet can lead to various health problems.
Remove from your diet any synthetic products: soft drinks, sweets, fast food, sausage and a variety of semi-finished products. Also, try not to eat muffins, fried foods and large amounts of salty foods. All of them are carcinogenic clog the body and plenty of salt, which are difficult to appear, but perfectly contribute to the emergence of excess weight.
Reduce your portions and not eat 5 times a day. When inactive lifestyle body does not need a lot of food for normal life. To lose weight you need to eat at one time the amount of food, which decreases at your fingertips. And not to feel hunger, you need to eat 5 times a day.
Eat "metabolic" hours. Morning, allow yourself the necessary body vegetable fats to be burnt completely before lunch. Happy perfectly digestible protein and fiber, and at night - complex carbohydrates to maintain a sense of satiety for a long time.
Include in your diet as many fruits, vegetables and seafood - are a beneficial effect on metabolism, saturate the body with vitamins and trace elements, and at the same time it is well absorbed by the body. Vegetables are best eaten raw, and seafood - cooked in the oven or steamed. Several times a week, be sure to eat organic dairy products, lean meats, fruits and nuts.
Exercise. Reduction of food will give quick results, coupled with an active lifestyle. Choose for yourself the sport that you will enjoy. And be sure to go for long walks in the fresh air.
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