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For planting is best to choose Heuchera shady areas. Under the influence of sunlight, most plants the leaves change color. If dark places is not enough, it can be planted gerheru and in open areas, but under such circumstances would have to provide sufficient irrigation. The plant likes moist soil much.
If you choose to put on your site Heuchera, the first thing you should pay attention - this is the state of the soil. The fact that the mountain geranium grows best in well-drained moist soil. That is why before planting soil Heuchera should provide a sufficient amount of organic fertilizers and take care of a drainage.
Equally important moment when landing in open ground Heuchera - the state of the root system. Plants are usually purchased as seedlings. After buying the seedlings carefully cut the tips of the roots and remove the old foliage. When planting Heuchera its root system should be carefully covered with soil. Between roots in any case should not be formed, so-called "airbag".
To look Heuchera was always neat and beautiful, upper stems are cut annually. Otherwise, the plant can stretch and alter the shape of the leaves. Every three years, recommended seat Heuchera. This procedure is better to carry out an early fall or late spring.
Heuchera are characterized by high endurance and resistance to frost. However, the plants with a light color during the winter cold is necessary to cover the dry leaves, to keep the heat. A similar procedure should be performed with young saplings.
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