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What is the mechanism of the disease?

In his writings, Sigmund Freud said that mania is by nature opposed to depression. If depressive illness is accompanied by some inhibition, delusions, on the other hand, causes a person elation, even ecstasy and triumph. Excitement, ready to go characterizes mania exposed person. Freud argues that this craze is a triumph, only a man can not say for what reason this triumph occurred.

At first glance it may seem that happy mood and encourages people to be active, making it extremely mobile. In fact, the mania is due to conditionality, which activates the duty to preserve human before the mental and physical costs, accumulating them in a way that they need to go. Therefore, there is a desire to do something.

For example, people experiencing a loss of the love object, and he comes manic state. In this case, all the psychic energy directed to grief at the loss of the love object, enters into a new quality. Obsessed mania individual defiantly freed from suffering and the resulting psychic energy immediately seeks to invest somewhere. Hence, ecstatic mood and unrestrained activity.

As the mania is treated in psychoanalysis

In the opposite case of mania, depression, psychoanalytic following picture: superego person suppresses his own self, which is why he falls into depression, feeling dissatisfaction with himself. In the case of mania, on the contrary, I fenced off from the super-ego, and simply ignores all his criticism, remorse, even all that can cause anxiety. Thus, a man obsessed with delusions of a sense of victory over the super-ego, and the accumulated energy is directed to the solution of various problems.

All this would be a good idea, even if only as a result of this victory, the man would have lost a sense of proportion. Triumph over their own conscience, their own inner critic plunges man in euphoria and he loses touch with reality. He was always building some unimaginable plans and develops the frenzied activity, confident in their implementation. Since the inner self-esteem obsessed mania man crushed, he has a sense of omnipotence, permissiveness.

From this perspective, manic patients are very difficult contingent for treating psychoanalysts. The feeling of victory over the superego constantly attracts these patients and to win over the doctor, which can lead to difficulties in the therapeutic treatment, if not make it ineffective.
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