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Currently, tourists wishing to see the sights of the Far East, will face several challenges. This unavailability of transport, lack of infrastructure and shortage of budget hotels. Apart from Russians traveling to the Far East come Mongols, Japanese, Chinese. Dear three-star hotel looks very unpresentable for them, while for the same amount in China, you can stay in the comfort of a five star hotel.

It organized a round table at which experts on tourism have expressed their ideas, how to make the region more attractive and accessible to guests. The best option was to create a tourist route, similar to the "Golden Ring" in the European part of Russia. At the moment the project is under construction. In his plan to include the most popular attractions. Chain of budget hotels along the route stretched from Baikal to Primorye. The "Ring" will Vladivostok and Khabarovsk, as well as natural attractions - Lake Khanka, leopard and tiger reserves. Negotiations on the inclusion in the "Golden Ring" "Honey village" - a tourist complex in the Altai, which is scheduled for launch in 2013.

So far, experts are not ready to say when the project will be implemented. With the help of local ethnographers can be quickly develop several popular tourist destinations, but more will need assistance from the state. It is necessary to introduce flights to Vladivostok from St. Petersburg, as well as ensure that airlines are not inflated ticket prices in high season. You also need to build Aeroexpress - the road to Vladivostok airport currently takes two hours. However, in the department of internal tourism believe that with the help of state all difficulties can be overcome.

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