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Environmental catastrophe called the events that lead to irreversible changes in the nature and the mass death of a large number of living organisms. Local disaster caused the death of one or more ecosystems, and global - all of nature completely.

Accidents at nuclear power plants

The most serious environmental disasters in the last 100 years have been two accidents at nuclear power plants: in Chernobyl, the Ukrainian SSR and the island of Fukushima in Japan.

In 1986 he was evacuated town of Pripyat, located on the territory of Ukraine. Strong explosion and fire at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant was triggered by improper actions of the technical staff during the experiment.

The accident destroyed a nuclear reactor, and thousands of tons of radioactive fuel poured out on the ground. People who did not know about the danger of radioactive contamination, a few days led a normal life.

Evacuation of residents still took place, but they got a strong dose of radiation. All plant personnel and rescue workers died later from radiation sickness.

Infected soil, water, plants and animals. For many thousands of kilometers from the Soviet nuclear fallout fell. For several decades, all agricultural land in the district become unusable and accommodation.

Until now Pripyat exists only as a ghost town, the memory of the fact that even the peaceful atom can have destructive environmental force. The accident affected all ecosystems on a vast territory.

In Japan on March 11, 2011 on the island of Fukushima earthquake and tsunami there were faults with power supply. As a result of the molten core of several reactors.

Overheated reactors are constantly in need of cooling, and rescue workers used a huge amount of water, disposing of it in the sea. As a result, affected the coastal areas of marine waters.

The international community has limited fishing and banned seafood exports from certain regions of Japan. Dosimeters for a long time "off scale" in the disaster area, has been made a complete evacuation of residents of the affected areas.

Accidents at nuclear power plants are local environmental disasters that disrupt the normal operation of several ecosystems at once. Air, water environment and the land are heavily contaminated with radioactive waste and long life are unfit for humans and animals.

Accidents at chemical plants and oil spill

Accidents of this level was a national disaster with loss of life and great destruction of animals in many countries around the world. The release of chemicals into the atmosphere of the Indian city of Bhopal led to the deaths of 3 million people directly and 15,000 afterwards.

In Switzerland in 1986 an accident at a chemical plant caused the discharge into the water, 30 tons of toxic chemicals. Killed millions of tons of fish and become completely unusable drinking water.

Oil spill from tankers nefteperevozchikov destroying all life in the seas and oceans for many tens of kilometers around. Environmental disasters, unfortunately, have become constant companions of progress. People and animals suffer and lose because of them the possibility of a normal existence for decades to come.
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