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You will need
  • Gin Beefeater - 75 ml
  • Dry vermouth - 15 ml
  • Olive - 1
  • cocktail glass - 1
  • Mixing bowls - 1
  • Cocktail spoon - 1
  • Strainer - 1
First of all, cool cocktail glass and a mixing glass filled their cubes and crushed ice and a better placing in the freezer.
Then pour the melted water from the mixing cup.
Pour into a mixing cup dry vermouth 15 ml and 75 ml Gin Beefeater.
Mix both drinks in a mixing glass with the help of a cocktail spoon. Use the shaker is not recommended.
Free cocktail glass from the remnants of ice and meltwater.
Pour the resulting mixture of gin and vermouth into a cocktail glass. To the ice remained in the mixing glass, use a strainer (suitable and conventional strainer).
Squeeze the lemon zest over the cocktail and spend it on the border of the glass.
Put on the skewer (toothpick) olive and dip it in the bottom of the glass.
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