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Remember that the reason for your communication partners / officers - a common cause. Networking involves a formation of the supreme goal of achieving mutual understanding in matters of business and maximum abstraction from such feelings and emotions as a personal pleasure, fun and so on. In other words, the personal qualities of the interlocutor, his habits, appearance, and other characteristics, are not relevant to the case You should not worry you as a business employee. Therefore, business communication is almost always carries a minimum of personal and emotional displays.
Do not forget about the moral side of the conversation and take care of your reputation. Networking necessarily be based on mutual respect, integrity, honesty, conscience and dignity. Decency and good manners - required qualities of a person who enters into a business dialogue. You should be able to hide their negative emotions and exercise restraint, since any sudden rash statement may cost you a bad reputation. In our time, the reputation of a person or a facial turnover of the company to potential partners.
Learn to negotiate and business conversations. Terms of business communication includes a set of ethical standards required to perform during business meetings, such as negotiations and discussions. The list of such rules include competence, tact, kindness, and the ability to conduct a dialogue. You must be able to clearly express their thoughts, well-versed in the discussed case, know its subtleties and nuances, to be polite and answer the questions raised by the interlocutors.
Learn to relax sometimes during business conversations. Business communication - is not only negotiations, meetings and business meetings. Often, to establish closer ties and understanding the best partners / employees organize joint breakfasts, lunches and dinners in an informal setting. This category may include corporate meetings, joint events, joint sports activities and so forth.
Use calling cards. Today, the availability and provision of business card interlocutor is one of the essential elements of business communication. Providing data such as name, phone number and e-mail in the business community is a sign of courtesy and education, and stresses that you have nothing to hide from the interlocutor.
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