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In personal relationships ask whether a person has a pet? Caring for "smaller brothers" - a manifestation of independence. Not learning to meet their needs, develop life, a person can not help others, even to an animal.
For a pet, especially a dog, leaving sufficient time: walks, training, food, cleaning. One learns to plan not only time, but also the life of the animal.
Specify whether a person younger siblings or family members who need care for. How does he interact with them? It is also a manifestation of care and independence, but the level is much higher, because we are dealing with a person.
Learn a person lives alone or with their parents and relatives. Was he ever experience in independent farming? If so, how long this period it lasted? Means, it withstood the test or not.
After all, living separately from their parents, people rely on their own strength, sets goals and achieves them solve problems. Self-management of the economy - it is independent of the others and, consequently, independence.
Also matters, he takes an apartment or living in their own. For lease usually requires much more effort and cost, and hence the number of tasks and responsibilities in humans increases.
Achievements person - a sure sign of independence. Commitment, initiative, systematic turning ideas into reality - it is the quality and the ability to exclude infantilism.
Ask the person about what the achievements in his life, he is proud of. And listen to his answer. This question is often asked by applicants when applying for a job.
Position, duties and responsibilities in the workplace as much say about the autonomy of the person. Perseverance, discipline, perseverance, the ability to attract the right people to solve problems and achieve goals, management staff, responsible decision-making - quality and the ability of managers and executives.
Speaking independent person often uses the word "I" rather than "we" avoid expressions in the passive form.
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