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Classic twist: the beginning

Fitness trainer are three types of abdominals. This upper, lower and oblique press (obliques). It is noteworthy that the classical twist and their derivatives are able to pump up the muscles of the abdomen just a few weeks. However, the main factor for success is still "drying" just before the start of classes.

Speaking of the drill press can not ignore their attention provisional "drying" or more simply, a strict protein diet that allows you to remove a layer of excess abdominal fat. It becomes mandatory to inflated press was visually evident.

Amazingly, even working on the press days and months on end, a person can not continue to see results. Press for fat to be sturdy and inflated, but the fat under the "cushion" it just will not be seen.

Twisting to the upper, lower and oblique Press

Classic twisting run from the starting position lying on his back. Hands can lay his head, bend and keep the palms at the temples or folded across his chest. On the exhale, twisted (hence the name) should be raised back to straight or bent at the knees feet. The main thing - do exercise rhythmically fall not fully comply with the distance between the chin and the chest with his fist.

Thus, the upper press pumped. To make the exercise effective loads are often used, such as dumbbells, bodibary. At home sports equipment can be replaced by simple bottles filled with water or sand.

Twisting to the lower press performed the same prone position, only this time the hands are placed along the body and raised leg with the pelvis. I do not advise raising the pelvis far enough to lift the legs and buttocks slightly. Lingering in a position on top of the legs, count to three, and slowly lower the leg. Legs recommend not fully lowered and lifted again.

In order to increase the load, it is advised to keep an object straight legs closer to the socks. Most often used for such purposes feetball or large rubber balls. This creates additional stress.

Twisting to the oblique abdominal muscles are carried out from the same position, lying on his back, hands behind head, legs straight. At this time you picked up the body trying to touch his elbow knee raised diagonally. Obtained with twisting turns. The left knee to right elbow and vice versa.

In order to make the load more behind you can keep bodibar or fitball, including the bar. If the exercise is conducted in the home, regular fit and handle of a mop, inflatable ball.
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