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You will need
  • - Internet connection.
Open the folder containing the files saves game progress to your computer. They can be in Program Files on a local disk (depending on the installation directory), and the user documents. Also, it is useful to check the Application Data of different users. Move the files into a folder on your computer is not connected with the game.
Open the control panel computer, go to the installation and removal of software. Perform a full uninstall of the game and restart the operating system. Then set the unpatched version of Warcraft and go to her, the program has created the necessary folders on their own without your intervention.
Copy the stored files in the same directory, where they were placed earlier. Be careful - for different versions of the game can be used very different folders to store information about saving.
If your computer before installing the update was made creating a save point, go to the operating system recovery utility menu of standard utilities.
Following instructions from the Utilities menu, restore the computer to the date when the update was not installed. Keep in mind that this removes all set for the period of the program and to cancel all their changes.
Download the file to the following address and extract its contents to a folder with the game in order. To downgrade to 1.07 Warcraft. Choose the replacement files. Before installation, be sure to check the file for viruses and malicious code.
Prescribe change the game in the registry using the program download link Start the patch installation Restart the computer.
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