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You will need
  • - Paper A4
  • - A pen
Take a vertical position and in front of a sheet of paper. It is best to fit a loose paper. Sheets from the album will look too thick and stack them to be a bit more difficult.
Optionally age the paper with coffee. To do this, place the sheet on a waterproof surface. Dissolve coffee in water. Take a thick brush and dipping into the coffee, slowly paint the future letter. Leave on for 15-30 minutes so that the paper has dried up a bit. Then iron the iron your list and you can begin to design letters.
When all is ready, pen or ink on the sheet write a letter of congratulations to the veteran. The letter can be decorated with a poem about the exploits of the valiant in war and pictures of the same subject.
The text is ready, it is necessary to lay down the letter itself. To do this, bend the bottom right corner to the left at 45 degrees so that the side of a triangle coincides with the right side.
Then bend the lower corner at an angle of 45 degrees. It is important that all parties in line and turned out the pentagon. We ironed our letter that it does not disclose or keep the shape.
Now bend and upper corners.
You probably noticed that the letter has something like pocket. We thrust upper part in the "pocket".
Sign destination. Now we have to deliver a letter to the veteran-cocked and congratulate him on the Day of the Great Victory!
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