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When someone leaves your way of life, we must understand that this is not the end. No need to cut his wrists and jump off the roof. It is a weakness that can not be exercised. We need to pull myself together. Try to get rid of all the things that reminded of this person removed from the prominent place all the photos hide or something to take away all the toys, articles of clothing, which are somehow associated with that person. Erase the number from his cell phone to avoid the temptation to call a state of intoxication, or in moments of intense pain, erase all text messages, remove all possible social networks and other means of communication.
For the first time it will give the illusion of a certain tranquility. However, it does not stop there. Begin to communicate with people, make new friends, go with them to the theater, cinema, clubs, develop. It will be a positive impact on your psycho-emotional state, as will be the constant change of "scenery". This will relieve the mind from unnecessary thoughts and will relax and have fun. Do not let the new emotion, flirt, but do not go too far. No matter how bad, is not worth abusing alcohol. When a depressed mood alcohol intoxication occurs much faster, and immediately comes the second stage, bypassing the first (second stage signs of intoxication - depression, aggression, anger, self-pity). Do not forget about the people who are close to you. If you do not want to live for yourself - live for them. You are dear to them, and do not make them suffer as well as suffer themselves.
King Solomon had a ring on which was written: "It takes all. And it will pass. " Desperate situations do not happen. Sometimes you just need to gather all the will in a fist and sustain all adversities of fate.
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