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You will need
  • - PC emulation software VirtualBox (available for free on the site;
  • - CD / DVD CD-ROM or ISO-image with the distribution of the operating system.
Create a new virtual machine. With VirtualBox, press Ctrl + N or click on the button "Create" located on the toolbar or select the menu item "Machine" and "Create". Wizard displayed virtual mashiny.Na Wizard's Welcome page, click "Next". On the second page, enter a name for the virtual machine, select the type and version of the operating system that will be installed. On the next page, select the amount of available virtual memory of the computer and go through the process of creating virtual hard disks. On the last page, check your entries and click "Finish."
Open dialogue configure the virtual machine. Select the machine in the list of Virtual Machine Manager VirtualBox. Click on the selected item in the list, right-click or select the main menu "machine." In the menu that appears, select "Properties".
Set the boot order, the number of processors and virtualization virtual machine settings. In the properties dialog, switch to the section "System". Click on the "motherboard". In the "Boot Order" using the buttons located next to the first item put "Hard Drive" and the second - CD / DVD-ROM. Set the desired options in the "Processor" and "Acceleration".
Set the parameters of the graphics virtual machine. Switch to the section "Display". Set the video memory of the virtual video adapter.
Select the media with the distribution of the operating system. Navigate to a "carrier". In the "Storage Media" select a virtual optical drive. The group controls "Attributes", click to the right of the drop-down list of "Drive." In the menu that appears, select a physical drive, which contains an installer disk with the operating system, or click on the item "Select an image of the optical disk ..." and navigate to the image file.
Configure networking. Switch to the section "Network." Including the necessary number of network adapters, select the types of connections, if necessary, set additional parameters.
Perform additional configuration of the virtual machine if necessary. On the "Audio», «COM-ports" and «USB», select your preferred option. Click OK.
Start the emulation computer using VirtualBox. In Virtual Machine Manager, click "Start". A new window running a virtual machine. Perform the installation of the operating system as you would on a real computer. Proceed further work.
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