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Currently, manufacturers offer a huge selection of strengthening hair colors. When buying paint, it is important to focus attention on the quality products that can help protect yourself from the grossest error. Although the choice of a good paint result may be not the same as expected. This may occur due to other important errors which allow many independent during hair dyeing.

Here are the main recommendations for those who want to paint their own hair.

1. When choosing a shade of paint is important to keep in mind that you do not always get the same color as on the packaging. In this case is very important your natural hair color, it was he who will determine the outcome.

2. Prior to the application of paint on untested hair should do a test on an allergic reaction. It is best to do a couple of days prior to the planned painting. The test area is selected portion sensitive skin, such as behind the ear, the inner bend of the elbow or the back of the neck. If after a while you noticed in the test region redness or itching, strange paint can not be used.

3. If you plan to change the hair color and has acquired a completely new paint color, you should make a test staining in order to avoid undesirable results. It is enough to paint a small curl from beneath the back of the head.

4. Before you start painting be sure to hide the designated for this purpose cape not to stain your clothes. Hair dye is able to stain. To protect the skin around the hairline should use a fat cream, any oil or petroleum jelly - it will help avoid unwanted spots on the skin.

5. It is not recommended to use a dye hair conditioner. It is enough to wash your hair with shampoo for about a day before painting.

6. Do not ignore the instruction and increase the time of staining. Overexposed hair paint a very negative impact on their health.

7. Use an anti-dandruff shampoo on colored hair is not recommended - they quickly make the colors dim.

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