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A characteristic feature of Japanese interior is minimalist. It contains only the most essential items, but the room does not look empty. There is all that is required to create comfort, with full or partial absence of decorative elements.
Japanese house or apartment features an open plan, leaving a lot of open space. Capital partitions are usually absent, replaced by light sliding partitions. Their frame is made of wood, it is inserted into rice paper squares or frosted glass. Thus, the room can be easily reduced or increased. If the apartment is equipped with a balcony, adjacent to it is made by a sliding wall. The lodge is best to arrange a small Japanese garden, which traditionally is a continuation of the interior.
Wooden flooring is made of light wood and was covered with carpets or mats. The walls are painted in bright colors. One feature of Japanese interior - a huge window openings. Typically, graphic design window frames and sliding partitions coincide. Windows rarely drape textiles. Curtains can be replaced by shutters. The decoration of the walls are paintings depicting Japanese landscapes.
Japanese furniture made of natural materials, different minimum height. Widespread have closets, in which the Japanese take away most of the things that can clutter the interior. Furniture, wall panels, and fabrics used in the interior are decorated with an abundance of characters. The most common tissue in the interior are silk and natural cotton white or cream colored. In general, the Japanese interior is mostly done in light colors.
Lighting plays an important role. Natural light perfectly into the room through the large windows. Artificial night lighting - soft and diffused. It is created by shades of paper, silk or matte. The Japanese interior is no place for a lush bouquet of flowers and an abundance of indoor plants. There is enough of a flower in a vase or a miniature bonsai tree growing.
By creating an interior in the Japanese style in his apartment, do not copy it completely traditional methods. It should be remembered that housing must be, above all, comfortable. Therefore, it is not necessary to replace the usual chairs and chair cushions for sitting on the floor. Just use common principles style - minimalism, bright colors and an abundance of space.
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