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Personal demotivators - the idea

The purpose demotivators - with the help of a paradoxical combination of pictures and captions to it quickly convey to the viewer an idea, cause a strong impression. Therefore, to create demotivators commonly used acute topical issues that are of interest to anyone: politics, social issues, gender relations.

Demotivators arose as a response to having been overtaken motivator - social or campaign posters, which was too simplistic and straightforward. Therefore, to create a real beating, "the nail on the head" demotivator, you need to have a broad outlook and creative view of the world. Also need the ability to see any problem from an unexpected quarter, and a great sense of humor. Come up with an idea to date, pick a bright, catchy graphic and correct signature to it - the most difficult and yet the most important part in the creation of demotivators.

The technical side of creating demotivators

When the picture is created or found, and suitable to her signature invented, left to start the technical side of the problem. Create demotivator help online resources, special programs for creating or editing demotivators.

On-line editor can be found through Internet search systems, just type in the search phrase "create demotivator online." You will be asked a number of such resources, they operate on a similar principle. It should be using the "Browse" from the computer to download the picture you have previously created or chose to place it in the proposed framework (if you want to change the border color is acceptable), and then make it a signature. Demotivators ready now, you can save on your computer, print, publish on the Internet.

The disadvantage of online resources that they do not allow to edit the original image. The second way to create a simple demotivators - the use of special programs. These free programs do not require installation on your computer, and easy to use. It is enough to download them, run any of the applications and to download the picture you have chosen. The interface of these programs in Russian, clear even novice users. With it, you can quickly create demotivator, and reduce or enlarge it to the desired size with the mouse. Unfortunately, such programs also provide opportunities to edit the original image.

If you want to create demotivator professional, it is best to use a graphics editor Adobe Photoshop. This program is free and is suitable for more advanced users, but that it opens wide opportunities to create and edit demotivators.

Whatever the technical means to create demotivators you may use it, remember that the most important thing in demotivators - the idea that you want to convey to the audience!
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