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First, you need to calm down, as in an excited state is likely to miss something important, which could then adversely affect the outcome of the proceedings.

The proceedings, however, may not be, as the legislation allows participants to arrange an accident on the ground, if the damage does not exceed 30 thousand rubles, and disagreement about the accident there. It will be necessary to chart a road accident, and then contact the insurance company.

If the damage is greater than or perpetrator of the incident to recognize their guilt does not want to, you need to call the traffic police. It's enough to call the nearest office of the Interior on the phone "020" (mobile) and ask them to send outfit DPS. While you're waiting at the arrival point "cops", include "emergency gang" and put a warning triangle.

Upon arrival, the traffic police have to describe in detail what happened, if you have a DVR, indicate this circumstance. So, if you are completely sober, it is better to insist on medical examination of the participants in the accident while intoxicated.

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