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How to fight acne?

It is necessary to accustom ourselves to the ideal cleansing facial. At night, make-up should be washed clean, the affected skin is applied zinc ointment. While rashes are pronounced, the minimum use concealer. It will be good to sign up for cleaning of the face to the beautician. Establish a healthy diet, eliminate most harmful for the skin products - milk chocolate, potato chips, soda water. Add in the diet of dairy products, mineral water, fruit and vegetables. Incidentally, the power system will help get rid of acne and lose weight.

Masks from acne clay

It is necessary to make a mask of white or black clay. Prepare the mask is simple: you need to pour clay in a non-metallic bowl and pour warm water to get a creamy consistency. Keep the clay on his face until it dries. Making such masks should regularly. Clay has antimicrobial and healing properties, so that after the first application will notice some improvement. Instead of water can dilute the clay warm decoction of chamomile.

As disguising acne and redness?

For a special occasion you will need to mask acne concealer green dot that is applied to redness. After the tonal foundation applied to the entire face, slap small brush dot with green corrector. Green neutralizes red pimples become imperceptible.

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